Anne Fielding, Director, Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company
Anne Fielding


Anne Fielding
Actress, Aesthetic Realism Consultant

Anne Fielding is Director of the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company in NYC, and studies
in professional classes taught by Ellen Reiss,
Aesthetic Realism Chairman of Education

“In every person there is a drive towards the caring for and pleasing of self; in every person there is a drive towards other things, a desire to meet and know these….If it is possible; if, in fact, it is the great purpose of art to be one's self and yet give everything to the object—can we not find here the just purpose in life itself?” —from Self and World by Eli Siegel

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Photos from the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company's
recent production of Eli Siegel's great 1951 lecture

"Evil Seen Beautifully! or, Voltaire's Candide"

Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company's 2016 production of Eli Siegel's 1951 lecture "Evil Seen Beautifully! or, Voltaire's 'Candide'"

Candide (Bennett Cooperman) and Cunégonde (Carol McCluer) being instructed by Pangloss (Arnold Perey)

Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company's 2016 production of Eli Siegel's 1951 lecture "Evil Seen Beautifully! or, Voltaire's 'Candide'"

Ungrateful sailor (Christopher Balchin) punching James, the honest Anabaptist (Karen Van Outryve),
who shortly drowns as he saves the sailor's life.

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"I Believe this about Acting": I tell about the urgent, needed comprehension of the art of acting and the human self that I learned from Aesthetic Realism and Eli Siegel.

"Hamlet Once More, Different" is my report of hearing Eli Siegel read this play in 1963, and his new understanding of what Shakespeare intended.

Richard II: Reports of three lectures Mr. Siegel gave on Shakespeare's Richard II. He's the greatest Shakespearean critic I know—enabling people to understand, enjoy, benefit from Shakespeare's works more than ever before.

"Aesthetic Realism; or Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation?":  A short explanation given by Eli Siegel in an interview with Lewis Nichols of the New York Times Book Review.

"Understanding Marriage" & "Acting, Life, & the Opposites": Information about classes I teach & seminar papers I've given with There Are Wives: Barbara Allen, Meryl-Nietsch Cooperman, and myself.

"My Mother Was a Girl": A short story by my late husband, Sheldon Kranz, which has been performed dramatically.Visit for his poems, historic talk "Turning Over a New Leaf; or, What Is Literature?," reports of Aesthetic Realism classes, & other works.

Ambition in Marriage: True & False: From an Aesthetic Realism seminar, given with my colleagues in the teaching trio There Are Wives, which includes a discussion of a famous wife in a play, Lady Macbeth.

The Mixup in a Wife between Coldness and Warmth: From a There Are Wives' Seminar, includes discussion of scenes from Sean O'Casey's play The Plough and the Stars. 

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