With my colleagues Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman and Barbara Allen in the trio There Are Wives, I teach the monthly workshop,  Understanding Marriage, attended by women from throughout the tri-state area. We also give seminars on this subject, and some of mine are published on this website, at the links you'll see below. For current public seminars, including those given by There Are Wives, click on this link: Seminars at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation.  For information about our workshop and other classes, click here.

There Are Wives: Anne Fielding, Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman, Barbara Allen
There Are Wives - Anne Fielding, Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman, Barbara Allen - teach the
Understanding Marriage class at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

Some of my seminar papers, given publically, published here:

Understanding in Marriage: What Really Interferes? from There Are Wives public seminar, May  2008, includes discussion of Samuel Beckett play "Happy Days," recently revived at Brooklyn Academy of Music. 

How Does a Wife Interfere with Her Own Happiness? from a There Are Wives seminar, with a consideration of Joan Didion's memoir The Year of Magical Thinking, about the loss of her husband.

And there's my paper that shows the surprising, true relation between the art of acting and marriage:

"Classic Mistakes in Acting—& in Marriage": from "Ethics and the Great Art of Acting" at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation's Saturday dramatic presentation.

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