Aesthetic Realism Is Education: Links
Click here to visit the web site of the Aesthetic Realism Foundation where I learn and teach!

Visit the Aesthetic Realism Online Library--
"a definitive source for publications about the philosophy founded by poet, critic, and educator Eli Siegel": books, reviews, essays, poetry, lectures, articles in the press.

See the website of Sheldon Kranz, Aesthetic Realism consultant, writer, and poet, and my late husband. We, his wife and friends, are proud to bring to the web some of his poems as printed in Personal & Impersonal, his short stories, reports he wrote of Aesthetic Realism classes taught by Eli Siegel on history, philosophy, poetry, literature in the 1940s and later.

Friend of Aesthetic Realism: Countering the Lies is an important source of information about Aesthetic Realism by persons who study it now or have in the past, and who counter ugly lies being told about it on the web by a few ill-motivated individuals.

Read what my fellow teacher in There Art Wives--Barbara Allen-- is writing on the Aesthetic Realism understanding of marriage and music.

My colleague in the Opposites in Music Class, composer and performer Edward Green, expresses his convictions on his own web site on Music Education

On the Art of Singing -- on technique and feeling as one thing -- actress and singer Carrie Wilson teaches classes at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

On Age and Senior Citizens by Irene Reiss, who comments on Eli Siegel's great "Declaration about Old Age"

And on Photography Education, Len Bernstein has developed a web site with Aesthetic Realism as his teaching method and basis for photographic criticism that you should see.

As to Anthropology: Dr. Arnold Perey, whose Ph.D. thesis at Columbia University is based on Aesthetic Realism describes the importance of Eli Siegel as a social scientist. 

Carol Driscoll writes on the ethics of  Strikes. And she writes with potent criticism on the Pricing of Heating Oil.

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method is a force in behalf of education that America needs!--See what my colleagues, New York City public school teachers, are writing in newspapers and professional journals about the success of Aesthetic Realism method in teaching English, Reading, Mathematics, Science. 

And Ken Kimmelman, Aesthetic Realism consultant and noted American filmmaker is making powerful films against prejudice and to end homelessness in America: see Imagery Film, Ltd.--and the Emmy award winning "The Heart Knows Better"

Physician Jaime Torres, DPM, writes movingly on Health Care--and what Americans deserve

Ernest DeFilippis, an Aesthetic Realism consultant who teaches men, writes courageously and critically on the subject of Men and Love, as well as Sports.  You will see some of what he has presented in Aesthetic Realism seminars!

Read accounts of the scholarly and exciting Aesthetic Realism classes taught by Ellen Reiss (countering a misrepresentation posted on the web).

Reviews of books by Eli Siegel--Self and World; Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana: Poems; Hail, American Development and more.

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