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Read Eli Siegel's "Aesthetic Realism; or, Is a Person an Aesthetic Situation?"

From an interview with Lewis Nichols, New York Times: "Aesthetic Realism sees the world and a person or self as an aesthetic situation. It also sees the various sciences and arts as aesthetic situations: painting, the drama, chemistry, geology have something in common. The question then is, what is an aesthetic situation?"... >> more

The People of Clarendon County: A Play by Ossie Davis with Photographs and Historical Documents, and Essays on the Education that Can End Racism

Excerpts from the recently published The People of Clarendon County: A Play by Ossie Davis with Photographs and Historical Documents, and Essays on the Education that Can End Racism, edited by Alice Bernstein and published by Third World Press of Chicago, are being presented at many libraries and schools. ...>> more

Sheldon Kranz's "My Mother Was a Girl"

"The minute he came into the house, he knew it was the wrong evening. His mother had those pained lines between her eyes, and her voice was sharp when she spoke. He escaped into the bathroom to stall for time. He wished he had arranged to come later in the week." ... >> more

I Believe This about Acting

Garnet ornament for Anne Fielding web site"I Believe This about Acting" in Aesthetic Realism: We Have Been There. Six Artists on the Siegel Theory of Opposites.
My first acting training at the School of Performing Arts was based on the Stanislavski method—a method I have enormous respect for. He says: "We need a broad point of view to act." That is exactly what Aesthetic Realism provides.  >> more

Ethics and Theatre

Garnet ornament for Anne Fielding web site"An Oscar for Elia Kazan? He cannot be forgiven 
for betraying his friends"  / Philadelphia Inquirer, 4/6/99

As an actress and a person who cares deeply for America, I am sickened by the Motion Picture Academy's plan to present an honorary Academy Award to Elia Kazan on March 21. 

During the McCarthy era, Kazan informed on various members of the theatrical and motion picture community. Giving this award to him is tantamount to saying that what Sen. Joseph McCarthy, Martin Dies, and the members of the House Un-American Activities Committee did was, after all, not so bad and let's forget it....   >> more

Garnet ornament for Anne Fielding web site "Cheers for SAG-AFTRA" Back Stage: The Performing Arts Weekly (New York, NY) 6/23-29/00
Bravo to my fellow actors of SAG and AFTRA, striking against the advertising industry, demanding fair compensation for their work! Shame on the production companies who (The New York Times reports) are trying to rob from them what is rightfully theirs...  >> more


Garnet ornament for Anne Fielding web site"How Should a Widow Cope with the Loss of Her Spouse?"
When my husband, Sheldon Kranz, died 18 years ago, even as I had enormous sorrow, I had the inestimable good fortune to be studying Aesthetic Realism and learning how to use even this to like the world, to care for people more truly, to value objects more deeply, to be a better critic of myself and of my dear husband... >> more
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