Senior Talks on Aesthetic Realism

by Anne Fielding & Jeffrey Carduner

Talks are also in Spanish & English, accompanied by Dr. Jaime Torres

1. Using Love, the Family, and Age to Like the World!

 2.  Every Person Can Tell You Something about Yourself

3.  Memory Shows We Are Connected to the Whole World

 4.  Love Is for Liking the World
                                                                                             -- and more!

These talks are based on Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded
by American poet and educator Eli Siegel. They are thrilling,
and include discussions on works of art & scenes from plays.

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Jeffrey Carduner & Anne Fielding speaking at Senior Centers in
North Carolina, New York, and Florida:

            Senior Talk in North Carolina  

Left: Jeffrey Carduner shows how a coffee mug has the world's opposites,
which are in ourselves, too--inside and outside, hardness and softness.
Right: Jeffrey Carduner & Anne Fielding speak at a senior center in North Carolina.

Looking at a Van Gogh portrait      Looking at a Rembrandt, in NC  

     Aesthetic Realism Talks to Seniors in NYC     Senior Talks picture #2

Senior Talks picture #1    Aesthetic Realism Talks to Seniors in Queens

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