Aesthetic Realism Foundation
Presentations Coordinating Committee

Anne Fielding and Barbara Allen at work, planning dramatic presentations at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation          Barbara Allen, Anne Fielding, and Michael Palmer at work in the 3rd Floor Library, the Eli Siegel Collection, at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation.

Anne Fielding, Barbara Allen, and Michael Palmer are shown here as they plan dramatic presentations, seminars, and special events at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. They're in the Foundation's 3rd floor library, the Eli Siegel Collection, housing Mr. Siegel's transcribed lectures and extensive library. Behind them are some of the books he spent his life studying, and would often read from during the thousands of lectures he gave on the arts and sciences—for instance the great lecture to be presented Sunday, April 13, 2014: "Shakespeare's Othello; or, Clever and Deep Evil."
        Visit for times and dates of the many public presentations at the Foundation.  

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